Campaign of Luv

Campaign of Luv: Charitable Giving

5% of all sales at RocketLuv go to helping people in need!
When selecting a charity of choice, we took many factors into consideration. Our main focus was to find a charity that benefits many lives and also gives the majority of the donations to the actual cause. We found that very few charities actually give a majority of the money you donate to the people in need. Many were taking a large percentage off the top to pay themselves large salaries and leaving very little to help the actual people in need. 
During our hunt for the perfect charity, we found a charity that was reputable and gave your donations directly to the people they claimed to help. Our decision to give back through the "World Vision" charity was due to our findings that our dollars will be able to make a maximum impact to giving back and helping those in need.
If you have a charity you love and would like us to consider, please feel free to drop us a line. We love our communities and want to help launch a campaign of love across the world.
World Vision Donations 
World Vision